Reno Nevada Ballantyne

Certified Thaumaturgist and Pinkerton Detective

  • Attributes
    • Strength 0
    • Dexterity 2
    • Fortitude 0
    • Presence 1
    • Wits 3
    • Resolve 3
  • Common Skills
    • Dodge 3
    • Etiquette 4
    • Firearms 5
    • General Knowledge 4
    • Hide and Sneak 3
    • Horse Riding 1
    • Perception 4
    • Streetwise 3
  • Specialty Skills
    • High Society 3
    • Criminology 3
    • Legal Matters 3
    • Research 3
    • Weapons Engineer 2
  • Magical Skills
    • Thaumaturgy 2+1
  • Talents, Privileges, and Assets
    • Thaumaturgist 5
    • Thaumaturgical Degree 3
    • Deduction 2
    • Warrant Card 3
    • Fashionable City Flat 4
    • Library 3
    • Income (Upper Class) 2
  • Complications
    • Disinherited (The Ballantyne Family thinks Reno is as much as waste as Nevada and Tennessee)
    • Police Harrasment (As a Pinkerton who works in Dodge City at the Mayor’s behest, the local police aren’t too fond of his ‘meddling’)
    • Policy of Truth (Reno is a man whose job is finding the truth. As such, he is a straight dealing gentleman.)

Reno Ballantyne, the son of Nevada Ballantyne and Louise Wolfe, is a tidy, slightly dapper fellow. He recently moved into Dodge City, as a means to support local law enforcement with both Magic and Science. As a young boy, he saw a man hanged for murder. Once the poor gent was swinging in the wind, the real killer had a moment of conscious, and fessed up. Ever since then, Reno decided he would do whatever it took to make sure when a man swung from the gallows, it was coming to him.

As far as a member of the Ballantyne family goes, Reno stands on a precarious point. He takes strongly after his father Nevada, who serves as a US Marshall, and is known as a stern, but fair to a fault. Similarly, Reno is a firearm carrying lawman, which endears his somewhat to his family…

However, when he applied to, and was accepted by the Guild of Magic, there was a lot of talk that he was beginning to take after his Uncle Tennessee, the crackpot inventor. It was his application to the Pinkerton’s which began stabilizing the family opinion of him. Unfortunately, not being a larger figure who does prominent deeds, many feel he’s wasting his own name.

Reno could give a damn less. He’s happy doing what he does.

He carries a Ballantyne Sambora at all times, though he also keeps a Ballantyne Outlander handy in the event of emergencies (Such as a random Wendigo, Train Eating Dragon, or Runaway rocky mountain). This rifle is outfitted with a very early scope.

Reno Nevada Ballantyne

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