Ballistic Knighthood Timeline of Events

A Linear History of the Gunmage Order

• Reno Ballantyne develops firearm enchantment procedures
• Reno Ballantyne develops gunmagic
• Reno accepts Anise Finn as his first Squire after she shows a remarkable talent for the magics

• The Camelot Estate is founded and built outside of Dodge City Kansas, on the shores of Lake Custer. The Reno branch of the Ballantyne family resides on the grounds to the present day.
• Dodge City hosts first ‘Marksman’s shootoff’, ?# squires chosen based upon criteria decided by Reno and Anise

1887 – 1891
• Further Marksman’s Shootoffs are hosted, with further recruits selected from among the competitors.
• 1887, Reno Ballantyne affirms himself the first Caliburnus of the Gunmage Order
Anise Finn named first ‘Fighter’
? named first ‘Soldier’
? named first ‘Hunter’
Custer named first Merlin
• Sambora Ballantyne Born 1890
• 1891 marks the final Shootoff challenge, due to overwhelming publicity concerning the nature of the competition (AKA, people realize it’s a recruitment tool)

1891 – 1935
• Business as usual during this time, however a few notes…
• 1909, Reno Ballantyne steps down as Caliburnus
• 1910, Sambora Ballantyne becomes the second Caliburnus
• 1915, Reno Ballantyne contracts Diabetes.
• Under command of Sabora Ballantyne, Ballistic Knights and their Squires travel to Europe to participate in WWI, fighting under British colors.
• 1917, The entire Order is tasked to assist in the war, mustering apprentices to become Squires, and Squires to earn their spurs much more rapidly. Reno leaves Europe due to failing eyesight, and returns home.
• 1923, Reno becomes completely blind.
• 1934, Adrian Schtuffel joins the Ballistic Knights under the name “Avery Stevens”, begins funneling information to the newly appointed German Chancellor.
• 1935, Reno Ballantyne has become completely blind.

1935 – 1945
• 1935, Great Britain asks for three Knights to train their forces in Gunmagic. Sambora agrees and sends the squires of the current Fighter, Soldier, and Hunter, as well as one of the Merlin’s apprentices. These three will eventually found the British Gunmagi Guild. (As calling one’s self a Knight in the British Empire is a much bigger deal) All other aspects remain unchanged.
• 1938, Avery Stevens and his squire are dispatched to New York City to handle a large organized crime situation. 3 weeks later, his squire is found dead and Avery is presumed missing.
• 1938, Avery is appointed Standartenführer of the Waffen SS “Totengewher” or “Death Rifles” Regiment, begins training German mages in military techniques. 50% success rate.
• 1938, Under pressure from American government, the Ballistic Knights refrain from early involvement in WW2, but quietly send a few members to Russia to help train another group there.
• 1941, America enters WW2, Knights are involved in most battles throughout the Pacific, acting as Attachés to Marine Units.
• 1942, Order of the Merlin join the fighting in North Africa.
• 1944, Knights jump with 101st Airborne during Operation Overlord.
• 1945, By War’s end, over 60% of the Ballistic Knights have been killed or gone missing, Sambora steps down as Caliburnus, Jeremiah Irons named new Caliburnus.

1946 – 1962
• Quiet rebuilding occurs throughout this time period.
• 1950 to 1953, there is minimal involvement from the Knights in the Korean war, as there aren’t enough Knights left to both serve there, and train new recruits.
• 1960, The Ballistic Knights become a corporate entity as a means to pay their people a more competitive wage for services rendered. To this day, the company remains private as a (on paper) subsidiary of Ballantyne Propulsions.

1963 – 1978
• 1963, Ballistic Knights are ordered by the American Government to Vietnam
• 1968, Under orders of the Caliburnus, all Knights are ordered out of Vietnam, defying the American government.
• 1971, The Ballistic Knights are dis-recognized as a lawful organization, and all law enforcement rights are suspended. Jeremiah Irons steps down as Caliburnus, but under the insistence of Reno Ballantyne, remains to train further knights.
• 1972, Morgan Hansen named first female, and youngest, Caliburnus.
• 1972, A Warrant for arrest is placed on all Ballistic Knights, almost 90% turn themselves in.
• 1973, The remaining Knights go into hiding on the Camelot estate, listed on paper as ‘House Servant Staff’, accepting missions much like you’d expect in an action film or Roleplaying game.
• 1978, Reno Ballantyne dies at the age of 118, from natural causes. Custer and his apprentices construct the tomb of Avalon, interring Reno there, and later (in secret) exhuming Sambora Ballantyne and Jeremiah Irons to inter them in the tomb as well.

1978 – 1990
• 1979, Morgan Hansen begins using the Knights as a mercenary company, selectively choosing contracts which fit the ideals of the Knighthood.
• 1982, Morgan Hansen dies in position following a drive by, strongly considered to be an assassination.
• 1983, Dominic Faust is appointed Caliburnus, immediately orders Dodge Ballantyne to investigate Morgan’s death.
• 1985, Dodge traces Morgan’s death to the Medellín Cartel. When Faust refuses to act based on the situation in Columbia, Dodge appoints himself a one-man kill team, and is declared a Knight Errant.
• 1989, Dodge returns from South America after successfully killing all the people involved in Morgan’s death, but distraught over not being able to catch Escobar himself.
• 1990, The Ballistic Knights receive a full pardon following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Understandably, not many are willing to accept the mercenary contract.

1991 – 2000
• 1992, The Ballistic Knights take first action as part of a unit since Vietnam, joining UN Peacekeepers in Somalia, primarily defending relief and aid workers.
• 1993, Ballistic Knights join Operation Gothic Serpent with US Army Rangers and Delta Force, are shocked to see that some Delta Operators use Gunmagic. (Non Knighted Gunmages weren’t new by this point, but this is the first time the Knights had verifiable proof. Much of the American Military Gunmagic came from Project Paperclip following WW2 and captured Nazi Totengewher)
• 1995, The Ballistic Knights re-incorporate themselves as a Private Securities company.
• 1998, Dominic Faust steps down as Caliburnus, James Pigiron named new Caliburnus.

2001 – Present
• 2002, Ballistic Knights, under contract from the US Government, enter the conflict in the Middle East. Fearing another Vietnam scenario, the US Government acquiesces to demands that they will remain as security and civil safeguard, accepting missions only after full disclosure and ample deliberation time.

Ballistic Knighthood Timeline of Events

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