Bijou Club

The Bijou Bar and Games Club is a business in Dodge City. It has a reputation as being a very safe bar, due in no small part to the fact that the owner is Dodge City’s mayor, Creighton Washington.


Mayor Creighton Washington, Jr – Owner, sometimes barback

Joseph “Ol’ Joey” Garant – Gregarious gorilla beastman, full time bartender with a penchant for singing

Julius V. Obornne – Strict slavic Dwarf, he is the head of security. His race and size combined with his position mean that people rarely, if ever, fuck with him.

Lee Gong – A Chinese man in his mid twenties, Gong has been through some things. He’s a nice man, but lightning powerful.

“Canary” Mark Tendler – the chief dealer in the club, a human man who has earned his name for never finding a fight he couldnt run away from—but he’s an ace with the deck

Bijou Club

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