Gunmage Organization

Caliburnus: Head of the order, who carries the Excaliber

The Fighter: Title of the Master Pistoleer

The Soldier: Title of the Master Rifleman

The Hunter: Title of the Master Shotgunner

The three Masters advise the Caliburnus in all matters, instruct the initiates, and organize bands to serve the goals of the order. A new Master is chosen by the Caliburnus and the other Masters.

  • The Ballistic Knights
    The Knights represent the pinnacle of the order. Trained in Ethics, Conduct, Tactics, and Law, these people are the crusaders of the west. They are also responsible for the training of the new members. One Knight and their Squire in town is often a cause for celebration from the Just, and utter terror from the Wicked. A knight must have 4 gunmage talents and a converted Thaumaturgy of 10, and a declared path (pistol, rifle, or shotgun)
  • The Gunmage Squires
    Don’t let the name fool you, the squires are just as capable as the Knights, but have yet to undertake their trials. Often, a couples of squires are all that is necessary resolve most conflicts, and only very rarely are accompanied by their Knights, who act less as masters and more like experienced peers. A squire must have three gunmage talents and a converted Thaumaturgy skill of 7.
  • Gunmage Apprentices
    Beginning their training, the apprentice accompanies a knight for training in the field. They learn the fundamentals of the order by example and practice. This includes marksmanship and weapon familiarization, horsemanship, and respectfulness. Must have a converted Thaumaturgy of 3, and knowledge of the Empower Gun spell.

Gunmage Organization

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