Gunmagic Stuff

Empower Gun (Thaumaturgy)

Difficulty: 4
Cost: 4+Normal or Normal
Action cost: 3
Range: Touch
Duration: Scene
This spell allows the Gunmage to empower their firearm, permitting them to use their Gunmagic Enhancement Talents. The Mana cost is listed to use this spell on any weapon. If using their Talismanic weapon, the Mana cost is simply Normal. The spell must be learned at full cost (9 Black Dice to begin)

Gunmage Talents

Gunmage Thermal Enhancement

  • The shot can ignite combustible material

Gunmage Oxidation Enhancement

  • The shot does no damage to the target, but instead damages (metal) armor. Reduce Armor rating by half the damage rolled. (5 Damage = 2 removed from metal armor)

Gunmage Cryonic Enhancement

  • The shot can douse flames and causes freezing around the wound. ½ of the damage becomes black dice penalty on physical actions, cumulative per shot.

Gunmage Etheric Enhancement

  • The shot ignores armor. Half final damage total.

Gunmage Necromantic Enhancement

  • Does NO damage to living tissue. Adds 50% of damage vs. Undead. (6 damage becomes 9)

Gunmage Subdual Enhancement

  • Damage becomes non-lethal, still subject to armor.

Gunmage Silent Enhancement

  • Shot cannot be heard.

Elite Talents

Gunmage Thundering Enhancement

  • Only available with Shotguns, the spread of shot creates a cascade effect upon impact, causing a 5 foot area around the target to suffer the same damage.

Gunmage Adamant Enhancement

  • Only available with Pistols, this talent allows a Gunmage to harden their pistol, allowing them to parry and strike other melee weapons without damaging their pistol.

Gunmage Martial Enhancement

  • Only available to Rifles, this talent effectively doubles the ammunition in the weapon. It works by interposing concussive etheric energy between cartridges, which expand when the weapon cycles.

Gunmage Electromagnetic Enhancement

  • Prerequisite: Subdual, Etheric
  • This shot does standard damage, but the damage type becomes pure electric. Under most circumstances this means nothing, but against machinery or rogue automatons, the effect is staggering. (Double damage, bypasses armor)

Gunmage Pigiron Enhancement

  • Prerequisite: Thermal, Oxidation
  • This marvelous shot magnifies the size of the round discharged from the weapon. Due to the sudden flashy nature of the transformation, targets capable of dodging receive a +5 bonus to their dodge roll.

Gunmage Sambora Enhancement

  • Prerequisite: Etheric Enhancement, Faith talent
  • This shot deals double damage to any target susceptible to Holy damage.

Gunmagic Stuff

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