Joan Orleans Winnifred (Sambora)

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Joan Sambora, born 19 years ago, grew up knowing only that her father was some kind of gunfighter. Her mother, a Spanish whore, took great pains to conceal the girl’s identity, for very good reason. From a young age, the young girl (named Paraísa at birth) was seeing ghosts.

This went on in secret for several years, before the visions and voices became too much for the young woman to bear. Finally, her mother took her to La Iglesia de la Sagrada Culpa, and spoke to the Priest.

Unbeknownst to her, this Priest, Padre Raul Ortiz, was on the payroll of the recently built Basilica Redemption. He immediately contacted Beau Sambora, who rode out to meet the young lady.

Fast forward 7 years. Joan, fully trained in the ways of the Redeemer, rides out to Dodge to serve as a local Redeemer and contact through the church. Given her status as the only claimed child of Sambora, she elected to change her name to further separate her from her position as heiress apparent to the entire order.

Character Trivia

  • Has several names. In order of being given, she is…
    • Paraísa Guadalupe Maria Olmos (Birth Name)
    • Joan Orleans Sambora (‘Christian’ name)
    • Joan Orleans Winnifred (Assumed name)
  • She carries her father’s Peacemaker and Winchester, Fire and Brimstone. One of the few Non-BP weapons carriers in Dodge.
  • Very Capable fencer.
  • Considers her job to be important, but doesn’t treat it the same way her Father did. They are most certainly two separate entities.
  • Good friends with several girls from Phillies, but doesn’t let that get out.

Joan Orleans Winnifred (Sambora)

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