Pigiron Destruction Engineering, LLC

Pigiron Destruction Engineering is a Limited Liability Company founded in 1773 by Orville Pigiron III in Conneticut.

Realizing that the revolutionary forces were waiting quite some time for artillery weapons to be delivered via ship, Orville made the first Pigiron Destruction Engineering model cannon, the Pigiron Alpha Scattershot.

After the war, Orville moved the company to Virginia and handed over the presidency to his son, Clegg Pigiron. Clegg was instrumental in securing many of the company’s first military contracts, and was very successful with his line of Pigiron Travel Dakka, a lightweight long range cannon that could be split into three parts easily and reassembled just as easily.

Clegg stepped down in favor of his son, William Pigiron, when the company was moved to Illinois. William broke with tradition, and hasnt stepped down yet, despite being old even by Dwarven standards. Many attribute this to the fact that William’s son, Willie Jr, was a disappointment to the family and is currently in jail for robbery. Thus, Willie Jr’s two boys, Clarke and Solomon, havent come home to take over—but they do serve as consultants for the company, and are currently the chief field testers for all Pigiron products.

Pigiron Destruction Engineering, LLC

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