The Caliburnus and their contributions

Caliburnus contributions to the Ballistic Knighthood Order.

Reno ballantyne
Reno Ballantyne develops Gunmagic, later figures out how to hold the Empower Gun spell on two firearms, but isn’t able to explain it (this is done many years after succumbing to blindness). Came from Pistol Path.

Sambora Ballantyne develops the ability to enchant semi-automatic firearms, determines that with additional parts, more pieces can hold enchantment, completely overturning the conventions. Came from Pistol Path (additionally, also trained by his mother in the ways of the Redeemer)

Jeremiah Irons discovers the technique required to enchant automatic firearms, this sparks controversy within the order about their methods and ethics. It is decided that only rifles and submachine guns should be allowed to be enchanted. Came from Rifle Path.

Morgan Hansen, under Reno’s tutelage (also his final squire), figures out his process to split the Enchant Gun spell to full effect for two pistols, and was responsible for standardizing the spell learning list based on Reno’s notes and impromptu lectures about what spells a Knight should wield in addition to the Enchant Gun spell. Came from Pistol Path.

Dominic Faust develops a new system of training to better match modern warfare, thus insisting on several other spells be taught during Squirehood, as well as a more military training regime. In addition, Dominic founded the Path of the Machine Pistol, giving rise to the fourth position of leadership, “The Operator” Came from Pistol Path.

James “Shotgun Jimmy” Pigiron is responsible for the acquisition of abandoned mining tunnels, which are used to create bunkers and safehouses, also develops the ‘infinite bullet’ enhancement. As a side note, James shaved his own beard as proof of dedication to the position. (Unbeknownst to him, Custer posed this question as jest before James undertook the trials to claim the Excaliber, more to see how he’d react.) Came from Shotgun Path.

The Caliburnus and their contributions

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